Special Events

La Ventana Classic

If you have the chance, you should try to make it down here for the La Ventana Classic.

The tournament includes kite race, course racing, freestyle contest and paddleboard race.

If you are a confidant kiter and like being involved, you should enroll in the race and have fun with it. It is a great experience even if you aren’t going for the gold.

If you are an advanced kiter who would like to begin competing in tournaments and trying to get your name out there, this is a great place to start. You will get to know many other kiters like you, have a chance to test different gear and meet a few people who could help you reach your goals.

The tournament week is full of organized activities that are open to anyone who signs up, such as wakeboarding, arroyo golf, and other fun contests. The Awards Night is held in a local restaurant with great drinks, live music and packed with kiters.

Part of the proceeds go to supervised improvements at the local public schools. The La Ventana Classic has helped the local community the last seven years and plans on continuing the tradition.

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